Meet the Leadership Team

Laurie Rinke Langworthy

Owner / Director, LCSW

Laurie first came to CEL in 1986 as an Upper Junior camper and after 39 summers at camp, truly bleeds green and gold. Laurie loved every moment as a Camper Specialist, Group Leader, Program Coordinator, Program Director, and Head Counselor and was thrilled to join the year-round CEL team in 2001. Today Laurie is an Owner / Director of CEL and feels like having the opportunity to positively impact campers, support and coach staff, and partner with parents is a true gift. Laurie has a degree in Psychology and Education from Emory University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from NYU. Laurie grew up in Port Washington, NY, lived in NYC for twenty years, and in 2017 moved to live year-round in Warrensburg, NY. Laurie first met her now husband, Darby, when she was a camper, and he was working on the maintenance crew as teenagers at CEL. They reconnected and began dating as adults, built a home together where they live with kids, Megan and Jacob, and were married in 2023.

Laurie loves connecting with campers, staff, parents, and alumni. She works hard to ensure that every camper and staff person at CEL feels good about who they are – who ever that is, feels connected to their peers and to positively impactful adults, and feels that they are part of, and belongs to, the CEL community that matters to them and has value as a community. Laurie loves to partner with parents, hug and build up campers, and help to coach and empower staff. If you have not been to one of Laurie’s lakeside campfires – a true CEL tradition – get ready for s’more fun and a s’morientation to create the perfect s’more under the Adirondack stars. Laurie has dedicated her life to making a difference at CEL. She has been honored with both local and national awards for her founding and running of EPIC (Emerging Professionals in Camp), was the former Program Chair for the Tri State Camp Conference and former chair of the Kruger Youth Development Conference, served two terms on the American Camp Association NY-NJ Board of Directors, served on the Girls Leadership Board of Directors, serves on the New York State Camp Directors Association (NYSCDA) Board of Directors, and is an Associate Board Chair with Project Morry. Laurie also serves on the Warrensburg Central School District Board of Education, is the President of the Warrensburg Student Enrichment Foundation, and created and runs, Camp Inspire, a leadership development year-round program for 7th to 11th graders. Laurie runs on Warm Inner Glows and loves to share her positivity and gratitude with all of those around her.

When asked about the impact camp can have on a camper, staff person, or camp parent, Laurie said…

“Camp is a gift. Camp has the ability to hold a mirror to individuals so they can truly see and believe in who they want to be, the ability to create the deepest connections that navigate the ebbs and flows of friendships, the ability to build life skills that are necessary for successful development, and the ability to be the most fun and growth filled experience ever!” We at CEL are truly Dedicated to Human Development and we invite you to join our camp family and community that is truly the warmest and fuzziest place on earth. ”

Tony and Emily Stein

Owners / Directors

Tony and Emily are the third generation of the Stein family to own and lead the Camp Echo Lake community. Tony grew up at Camp Echo Lake, giving him a unique perspective and insight into what it takes to lead a community of 500 campers and their staff. Tony started as a 6-year old camper in 1969, and held almost every job at camp before becoming the Camp Director in 1995.

Emily became a “camper” late in life after a near 15-year career in the “real world,” and of course is a natural at camp. Emily particularly loves reading rest hour and bedtime stories to our younger campers and she manages Echo Lake’s business of fall, winter and spring weddings and events at The Lodge.

Tony and Emily are both integrally involved in – and are passionate supporters of – Project Morry. Tony has served on the American Camp Association’s National Board of Directors twice and as President of the ACA’s New York Section.

When asked what makes Echo Lake such a special place, Tony replied…

“At Echo Lake, kids and staff alike can both truly thrive and feel a HUGE sense of self. We strive to partner with parents to help them develop their children into wonderful young people, willing and able to contribute to the world in which we live.”

Kelly Wilkinson

Assistant Director & Main Village Director

Kelly has been part of the fabric of CEL for 17 summers after she began working at CEL in the summer of 2007. After brilliantly filling the roles of Camper Specialist, Group Leader, and Head Counselor, Kelly left her role as an elementary school teacher, to work at camp year-round as our Main Village Director and Assistant Director of camp. Kelly grew up in Syracuse, NY, graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelors in Childhood Education and Masters in Literacy Education, and is currently working towards a second Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at St. Bonaventure University. Kelly uses all of her education and experience in her supportive work with campers, staff, and parents, both current parents and prospective parents. In another Warm Inner Glow from camp, Kelly met her husband, Sam, at CEL and they have two beautiful and spunky daughters, Isla and Indie.

Kelly believes that the CEL experience allows campers to try new things and make new connections in a safe and comfortable environment. They walk away from the summer experience with more confidence, independence, and strong connections with their peers and counselor. Kelly believes that the CEL experience allows staff the opportunity to be a leader among campers and peers, and to develop connections and experience that allows for growth that will suit them in many aspects of their future. Kelly feels that one of the things that makes CEL so special are the core values that create a community where everyone feels they can be themselves and supported. Kelly feels, “The magic of CEL begins with the people. We bring together staff and campers who buy into our core values. From that a culture is created where people feel okay trying new things, taking risks, and being themselves. There is always an opportunity for growth for everybody in the Camp Echo Lake community. It means that the activities we provide at camp are just the mode for something bigger for our campers – their growth and development.”

When asked what she would say to a parent thinking about sending their child to CEL, Kelly said…

“If you are looking for a warm and supportive community who will take your child’s needs seriously and create a fun and enjoyable environment for your camper, we are your place!”

Sam Wilkinson

Assistant Director & Program Director 

In 2012 Sam began his career at CEL as a Soccer Activity Specialist from Southport, United Kingdom who them went on to run our Soccer program and work as the Boys Camp Program Coordinator. After 12 summers at camp, Sam works year-round for CEL as our Program Director, Staffing Director, and Assistant Director. Sam also works hard to secure our 4n4 logistics and booing and manages our pre and post camp retreat groups. Sam has a Physical Education and School Sport BA Honors from Edge Hill University, and a PGCE in Primary Education from University of Cumbria. Sam also was fortunate enough to meet his wife, Kelly, at CEL and they have two beautiful and spunky daughters, Isla and Indie.

Sam believes that staff who are hired to work in the CEL community have the opportunity to spend a summer with like-minded individuals, people who want to positively impact others, and meet people from all over the world and all different walks of life. Sam believes that, “CEL allows you to be yourself, no judgment and no expectations. If you can be a nice person and be willing to try your best, then you will be given every opportunity to be the best version of you.” To any staff person considering working at CEL, Sam wants you to know that, whether you work at camp for one summer or work at camp for ten summers you will meet people who are going to positively impact you for the rest of your life. Working at CEL is a unique experience that will challenge you and change you, and equip you with skills that are transferable into almost any other vocation.

When asked what working for an organization that is “Dedicated to Human Development” means to him, Sam said…

“I have the opportunity to be myself, I have the chance to voice my opinion and know that I am heard, if I feel passionate about something, I will be encouraged to and provided with the platform to follow through.”

Amanda Saperstone

Junior Girls Head Counselor

Amanda quite literally has CEL in her DNA. Although Amanda, who hails from Boston, MA, and currently lives in Warrensburg, NY, started her summers as a camper in 2004, her great grandparents founded CEL in 1946. Amanda has spent 20 years at CEL as a camper and then worked as a Camper Specialist, Group Leader, Girls’ Camp Program Coordinator, Junior Girls Head Counselor. Amanda graduated from Smith College with a degree in education and developmental psychology and worked as an elementary school teacher before being hired to work year-round at CEL. During the off-season Amanda is the communications director! She answers the phones, works on our social media and newsletter, sends marketing materials to prospective families, and handles many other creative and administrative tasks! Amanda has a huge passion for the power of camp. She even met her husband, Conor, at camp and they have an adorable puppy named, Teddy.

When asked what campers gain from the CEL experience, she said, “Campers get seven weeks of fun, joy, and community with friends and counselors who love them!” Amanda feels, “so lucky to have grown up at Echo Lake, a place where I was not only encouraged to be myself but celebrated for it! The friends and counselors that I met as a camper are still in my life today. No matter what happened during the school year, I could rely on having seven amazing weeks with my best friends and with counselors who truly cared about me! The skills I learned at camp as both a camper and a staff member at CEL have been invaluable to me as I have moved through the world to where I am today!” Amanda believes that the CEL “magic” is the incredible sense of belonging and acceptance, whoever you are, that you feel when you step onto the Echo Lake campus! It’s the ability to be yourself every day and be celebrated for it!

When asked what her campers and staff can expect from her over the summer, Amanda said…

“As a head counselor, I pride myself on being very involved and tuned in with my groups. It is important for me to go into the bunks and say goodnight to my campers each night, with a choice of a fist bump, high five, or hug. I like to join in at activities whenever possible and have the kinds of connections with campers and staff that enable me to joke around with them!”

Conor Vandendries

Junior Boys Head Counselor

Conor came to camp in 2016, from Ireland, as our Fishing Head Specialist. After returning to camp as a Group Leader, eventually an Inter Boys Head Counselor, and then a Junior Boys Head Counselor, Conor landed a year-round position with CEL and has been part of the CEL team for 7 summers. In the non-summer months, Conor is part of our staffing team and helps to make sure that camp has all the amazing staff it needs for the summer. Conor embodies a positive can-do attitude. He loves thinking of new ways we can help make our summers even better for our campers and staff. Conor met his wife, Amanda, at camp and they have an adorable puppy named, Teddy.

In talking about what staff get out of the experience of working at camp, Conor said, “The staff get the fulfilling experience of making a difference in a camper’s life in just seven weeks. They have a chance to positively impact them and help them grow.” Conor believes that the CEL community is a safe and happy place where campers and staff can be who they want to be and can express themselves. It is a place where nobody is judged on their performance, yet everyone is celebrated for trying hard! To Conor, being Dedicated to Human Development means a lot. He said, “I personally have always wanted to work in a job that helped me impact others and gives me the tools and space to help campers and staff grow.” Conor currently serves on the American Camp Association NY-NJ, EPIC committee.

When asked what the advantages of CEL are being in the Adirondacks are, Conor said…

The Adirondacks are amazing! We are truly so lucky to have camp in the location that it is in. During the summer the hikes and trails around us are some of the best in NY. And during the winter it doesn’t just stop. For me being an outdoorsy person who loves to go on an adventure the Adirondacks are a perfect place to be in, all year round!”

Jakob “BCJ” Weisblum

Inter Boys Head Counselor

Jakob began his CEL journey as a Lower Junior Boy in 2007. After 16 summers at camp, Jakob is now a member of the full-time team. Jakob grew up in Haworth, NJ and currently lives in New York City. After wonderful summers as a camper, Jakob spent time as a Camper Specialist, Group Leader, Boys Camp Program Coordinator, and now, Inter Boys Head Counselor. In the non-summer months Jakob recruits and hires staff who are looking to both have fun and make a difference with campers. Jakob graduated from Boston University and earned a B.A. in Psychology. Jakob is often better known by his nickname from his early camper days, BCJ.

Jakob brings a love and passion for the work he does and is dedicated to sharing that passion with others. Jakob’s enthusiasm is contagious and helping new campers and staff buy into the awesome CEL experience is the best part of his job. When asked what campers get out of the CEL experience, Jakob said, “Every summer at Echo Lake is an opportunity to expand your comfort zone in a community where success is defined by giving it your all and being kind to others. There is no better environment to learn about yourself and grow in every which way!” In terms of the staff experience at CEL, Jakob said, “Spending a summer on staff at CEL is a job that never stops giving. In your campers’ eyes, you are a superhero, and your opinion matters more than anything else. You will walk away feeling moved and that you made a HUGE impact on your children’s lives. You will also walk away with a second family and connections all over the world.” Jakob feels “unbelievably blessed to have grown up at CEL. CEL is a big reason I am who I am today and has surrounded me with amazing people my entire life. I met some of my closest friends growing up at CEL and working with the CEL team is like working with family.” Jakob currently serves on the American Camp Association NY-NJ, EPIC committee.

A true champion of the CEL community, Jakob feels that…

“Echo Lake is an extremely close knit community. The spirit is unmatched, and campers and staff take great pride in that not only during the summer but all year-round too. When you step on to camp, the energy and passion is unmistakable! At CEL, our focus on the details is what sets us apart. We partner with each family to ensure that we are aware of both growths and challenges at home and at camp for each camper. From hand picking each cabin and staff person to checking in with campers daily we do everything we can to set each camper up for success each summer.”

Amy Medine Stein

Director Emerita


Amy Stein is the Director Emeritus of Camp Echo Lake, and Chairperson of the Board of Project Morry.

Amy is the only person who has been a part of the fabric of Camp Echo Lake since its inception. Her parents, Edith and Bill Medine, founded the camp in 1946 when she was just 8-yrs old. Even as a camper, Amy was committed to ensuring Echo Lake’s success, going so far as to have playdates each winter with campers who were on the fence about returning the following summer.

While attending Brandeis University in the 1950s, Amy met her husband, Morry. In 1964, the couple purchased Camp Echo Lake from Amy’s parents. For thirty years (until Morry’s untimely passing in 1994), the dedicated duo worked tirelessly together to quadruple the camp enrollment, while still maintaining the close-knit community that defined Echo Lake since its inception.

Amy is incredibly proud of how Echo Lake has continued to evolve through three generations of family ownership. Even though she still works very hard to this day, as she has since she was a child, Amy truly believes that she has the best job in the world!

When asked what makes Camp Echo Lake special, Amy replied…

“We always work to celebrate and recognize the best in every child that grows with us. It’s no wonder that our campers leave at the end of the summer feeling ten feet tall. They have been loved and respected, and their days and nights are filled with the best of learning and confidence-building. This fabulous community shares, shapes and enhances everyone.”

Additional Summer Leadership Team

In addition to our year-round Leadership Team, each summer they are joined by an additional dozen dedicated, talented, and skilled individuals who work together to form our summer Leadership Team. The summer Leadership Team is made up of experts, educators, mental health professionals, medical professionals, counselors, and passionate individuals who are dedicated to the development of every camper and staff at CEL. Our summer Leadership Team has an incredible wealth of years of CEL experience and a love of the impact camp can have on its community. They love camp, love working as a team, and love the opportunity they have to lead the CEL community to safe, life impacting, and tremendously fun summers together!