The LIT Lounge

Getting into it– not out of it

by Corey Begly (LIT Director)

It has been a fantastic first two and a half weeks for the LIT’S 2016. A spirited bunch who have natural skills working with younger campers, the LITS have jumped into their final summer and taken a noticeable leadership role on camp.

We started week one with orientation and learned how to work with one another, deal with conflict and ‘untwist’ our thinking. What are things that hold individuals back on a day to day basis? What is my best leadership style? How can we lead camp in a passionate and nurturing way? These were all questions explored in our sessions.

Of course, we also had reasons to celebrate! After practicing a intricate dance for two days, we performed during Saturday Night live and were rewarded with a special Tribal Break. The hatchets again were removed from the stump, signaling the arrival of Tribal War.

One of our key themes thus far has been the saying– “If you can’t get out of it, get into it”. Our campers have embraced this philosophy not only in their lives but also by encouraging others in the community. A positive attitude and consistent effort in activities results in endless camp possibilities!

Stay gold ( and green! )