by Juan Delgado (Junior Boys Head Counselor)

Junior Boys’ Camp is rolling along as we get prepared for Visiting Day. It’s my pleasure to report that our Junior campers are happy and healthy and are having a great summer at Camp.


This week all of the Junior groups had an opportunity to go bowling as an evening activity. I was so impressed by our campers in the way that they used their manners with the bowling staff. I was also impressed with the way they supported one another in friendly, spirited competition. This age group constantly amazes me in how mature and supportive they can be.  The night was capped off with some delicious chipwiches, which cooled us off after a great night off camp.

Echo Lake Olympics

On Monday Boys camp had their first Special Day of the summer. We held the “Echo Lake Olympics” which was a rousing success. All of Boys Camp was split into different countries (USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Argentina, Sweden, Jamaica, Germany, and Mexico) and went from station to station trying out different Olympic events around camp. The day started with an incredible opening ceremony and was capped off with a Party at the Lake.

First FNL of the Summer

Last Friday we hosted our first FNL of the summer, which was a blast. Many of our Junior campers participated by showing their talents in front of all of camp. From the Junior boys perspective we had several acts that were incredibly funny and made the entire camp cheer. It’s impressive to see our kids be fearless and go on stage in an environment that is supportive no matter their skill level.

LIT’s Plugging In

The LIT’s have been plugging into groups for the past week, and this has been a great addition for the Junior boys. The LIT’s this year have brought a great energy to Boys’ Camp and have been great role models for our campers. Yesterday when I spent time with the Frosh boys I couldn’t help but notice how their eyes lit up when the LIT’s participated in evening activity.

Coming Up

All of camp is excited for Visiting Day followed by Halloween! On a personal level I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of the parents and showing off Boys’ Camp in all of its glory.