Dear Trail Watchers,

Week 5, holy cow! It has been a summer of great friendships, new skills, human development, and yummy food! Meal time is so important at CEL not only for getting fuel to power us through busy days, but also to catch up with our counselors and friends. We love seeing our campers and staff mixed up at our round tables, passing delicious food back and forth, and listening intently to stories and jokes shared around the table.

Campers are becoming increasingly creative with their dining hall meals. This week we witnessed campers sharing “recipes” amongst themselves, apparently putting saltine crackers on hotdogs at Dog Bonanza makes them taste, “exactly like pigs in a blanket!” 🌭 Our fresh salad bar is the creative chef’s dream playground, mixing diced beets with blue cheese crumbles and crunchy cucumber to make a salad that could, “totally be on a menu at a fancy restaurant!” 🥗

With Apache Relay right around the corner and Tribal Swim even closer our campers are working hard to eat healthy to make sure they are in tip top shape to represent their Tribe! 💪🏃🏃‍♀️

Talk Soon,

The Camp Echo Lake Trail