What a whirlwind first week and a half we have had in the Senior Village!  I have to hand it to these SV Boys, they are full of spirit and energy! Despite the heat, we have such an eventful week, filled with fun activities and multiple trips.  Earlier in the week, we introduced our Senior Village theme. This year we are having each group represent a house from Game of Thrones. We are working hard to fight off Winter, as we all know, Winter is Coming. It is safe to say that all of the spirit in the Village is doing the trick.  Apparently, their fight against Winter, brought on this heat wave!

We began our Game of Thrones events by presenting each group with their house flag, house words, and their challenge for the summer. We then proceeded to have each house compete in various events to prove their worth to Jon Snow (Stew), Sansa Stark (Julie), and Daenerys Targaryen (Katie) as the house that is most fit for battle. House Greenwild (4n4 2) proved that they had what it took to come out on top. We will continue to have the Village compete in various activities to earn points for their house. In addition, we are also awarding points for most spirit, cleanest bunks, and random acts of awesomeness.

It is worth mentioning that the Boys are crushing bunk cleanup!  We have introduced SuperBingo as an incentive for a clean bunk. Bunks that score high enough, are invited to play bingo for a chance to earn cool prizes for their bunks. We had all but two SV cabins in attendance for our first event. The Boys’ energy was so evident as they waited with baited breath for each number to be called.

In addition to our trip day to the movies and bowling, the boys have enjoyed beating the heat at extra swims, sprinkler fun, The Fun Spot, and chill time in the lodge. We are looking forward to more awesomeness to come as we eagerly await, Halloween, Big Tips, more Trip Days, mad Secret Hideaway!  This summer is already proving to be off to a great start!