This first week with the Inter Girls has been nothing short of magical! We have managed to pack so much excitement into such a short amount of time. From special evening programs, to trips to the movies, and tribal, it seems hard to believe that it could get any better. And yet, it will!

Each group is off to a fantastic start. The Lower Inter Girls have had such a positive impact on this division, bringing so much spirit and energy (and clean cabins too!) The Upper Inter Girls have been incredible role models for girls camp. It is very clear that they are living by camp’s motto, “Be nice. Try Hard.” I see this exemplified on girls camp constantly. We pass hugs at lineup to one another for being good friends and living by our motto. We also have circle ups each night, where each group has an opportunity to gather and reflect on the day and acknowledge all of the best parts of camp! Talk about an awesome bedtime routine!

Walking around camp, I have the privilege to see people trying hard at each activity. The inter girls have participated in drama, gymnastics, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, art, and general swim to name just a few! I feel so proud of the inter girls for exemplifying inclusivity, generosity, kindness, and determination. Evening program has been such an awesome time for our division to be all together. We have done Dutch Auction and Regatta just as inters! The inters also got to take their group spirit to the stage to perform for Group Sing. Pictures are up on our website!  Just when people thought the night could not get any better, WE BROKE TRIBAL!! But, wait! There’s more! We finished the night off with a fireworks show. Perhaps the best news we’ve heard all week is that the heatwave end is in sight! You can expect to see the inter girls out and about more than ever this next week. Stay tuned!