The Junior Girls are kicking off week five with major camp spirit and of course a lot of fun!  If there were a theme for this week that stood out to me, I would have to say it is ‘discovery.’  The girls are discovering so much not only about themselves, but also their fellow bunkmates. I have watched girls try new things all week, push themselves outside of their comfort zones, and be supportive of one another as they discover new interests and talents. The groups have really formed into summer families, the girls are completely comfortable and settled, and they are not missing a beat! Some highlights of the week include the presentation of the Junior Musical James and the Giant Peach, Tribal Swim, and an awesome and spontaneous waterslide!!!!

On Saturday the Junior Division presented their play they have been working on all summer, James and The Giant Peach.  The cast has shown a lot of dedication, especially throughout the last week, in order to prepare.  The campers showed a ton of confidence and showmanship on the stage. It was great to see them beaming with confidence.  Bravo!

On Sunday the Junior Girls competed in Tribal Swim.  Each camper had their own swimming event. The girls gave it their best effort.  It was great to see how much each of them are growing as swimmers and it was fun to watch some campers have their first competitive swim experience.  Currently Mohawk is slightly ahead of Iroquois in Tribal points as we head into our next Tribal event on Friday…Apache Relay!!!

On Monday camp saw a lot of rain. However, that did not stop the Junior Girls from having fun!  In the afternoon all of camp got a chance to water slide down the Girls’ Camp hill. It was a fun and unexpected event.  Each camper got cheered on as they made their way down the slip n’ slide and music blasted over the speakers to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.  It was one of those moments that can only happen at camp! So much fun!!!

There is still more fun in store and more opportunities for discovery as we finish out week 5.  Wednesday is Girls’ Camp Field Day and the Junior Girls will be going to putt-putt in the evening.  Friday is Apache Relay and Sunday is Carnival! Check back next week for more updates on all that is happening with the Junior Girls!