We “kicked-off” week four with an all LIT World Cup Party! France got the win and all of our campers enjoyed spending the hot day chilling out inside with their friends. This weeks Tribal event was the one, the only, TRIBAL TRACK!! We had kids racing, throwing things, jumping as far as they could, and everyone was exemplifying the camp motto of ‘be nice, and try hard’. After tribal track, the standings are: Mohawk 206 to Iroquois 169. It’s a tight race with not one, not two, but THREE tribal events coming our way this Sunday. For main camp, Sunday will bring tribal swim. For senior village, they will take on individual games! Then the camp will come together at night to watch our beloved LITs in tribal interarts, where they will perform a skit, dance and song that relate to this year’s themes.

The LIT day off this week was to Saratoga Springs, where the kids got to explore one of camp’s loveliest neighboring communities. In addition to that day off, the rest of the LITs went to their community service project at the Albany Regional Food Bank, where they sorted produce to be shipped out to make a huge impact on the 23 counties the food bank serves. Today brings yet another leadership opportunity for our oldest campers, who will be participating in S’more camp, a day camp for prospective campers who are lucky enough to spend some time with our 16-year old seasoned camp veterans. With so many tribal events coming up, many of the LITs are hard at work in their committees to make sure everything in week 5 runs smoothly! If you thought the first half of camp was fun filled, just wait for the last half!