The Camp Echo Lake Trail

Across the Way with Brenda- Senior Village Reflecting on Summer 2015

Posted by on November 25, 2015

  As we approached the final week of summer 2015, we gave each senior village camper and staff one final survey to complete.  The difference was that we didn’t ask the usual questions about your favorite food or your favorite activity.  In the final survey,…

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Letters from Amy – 70 Years of Camp Echo Lake

Posted by on November 17, 2015

Hi there Echo Lake family, We are coming off two very spectacular camp-related events one being our 70th camp summer, wow! The second was a 70th camp alumni reunion during spectacular weather – a love fest with alums who go back as far as the…

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Becoming a Stronger Person, One Waterski Trip at a Time

Posted by on November 12, 2015

Becoming a Stronger Person, One Waterski Trip at a Time by Camp Echo Lake Camper, Fara Lagstein Two summers ago, I started going to Camp Echo Lake. On my first day of camp, I never would have thought of all the different, new things I…

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Around the Campfire with Laurie

Posted by on November 10, 2015

Would you call Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Oprah, or Dr Seuss, failures? What would you say if you knew that they all technically “failed” early on in their career? While Henry Ford is known for his innovative assembly line and American-made cars, his early businesses failed…

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The Magic of Morry

Posted by on November 6, 2015

One afternoon around 15 or 16 years ago I walked passed a green SUV parked on the street.  I thought nothing of it at first glance, but then I stopped to do a double take.  The license plate on the SUV said, “4MORRY”.  What made…

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