The Camp Echo Lake Trail

From the Clipboard of Tony: CEL Winter Fun and Looking Ahead to Summer 2017

Posted by on February 14, 2017

It has been quite a GREAT few weeks here in the land of Echo Lake.  We just finished our Winter Weekend, which included a day at the Great Escape Waterpark; dinner, ice cream and a movie at the Lodge; and Sunday breakfast and a walk…

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From the Clipboard of Tony: The Value of Teamwork

Posted by on October 19, 2016

One more thing to love about camp … As Evan and I watched the NFL at home this past Sunday, and even some of the post-game coverages, I counted multiple incidents of blatantly poor sportsmanship by several players … one or two of which that…

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From The Clipboard of Tony: How TREK Opens Doors

Posted by on April 19, 2016

I drove up to camp last night.  It is that time of year when my camp visits increase in frequency as we start to truly gear up for the summer.  When I walked into my house, there was a note from my old friend and…

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From the Clipboard of Tony: Fostering Independence in our Children

Posted by on March 1, 2016

Emily and I recently received the league rules for Evan’s baseball teams’ games this spring.  Among them are the following: Parents are not permitted on the baseball field, behind the backstop or in the dugouts except in the event of an emergency …  Please do…

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From the Clipboard of Tony – Happy New Year from Warrensburg!

Posted by on January 5, 2016

Happy New Year to all Echo Lakers! Emily, Evan, Violet and I were fortunate again to spend the holidays season in Warrensburg, where it started as a green/brown holiday season, but ended up white as we eventually saw five to six inches of downfall.   We…

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