by Kelly Godzac (Junior Girls Head Counselor)

This week was a jam packed week of pure fun and enjoyment for the Junior Girls. Our Junior Girl groups have now fully transitioned into settled and cohesive units.  Our daily schedule has become their way of life and they have all fully embraced the Echo Lake culture.  It is safe to say even our newest campers could be considered veterans at this point.  Here is some of the fun that we had during week 3…

 Fun With Kelly

 Our Lower Junior and Frosh Girl groups spent a night with me playing one of my favorite camp games, Dutch Auction.  This is a game when campers randomly pick different items from their bunk and then try to fit the items into different categories.  They receive points for presenting an item that best fits into a category, similar to the board game Apples to Apples.  The Frosh and Lower Junior Girls were on mixed-up teams all together, which created a nice environment for them to hang out with different campers they do not see as often.  It was a great night and everyone celebrated with the winning team!

Junior Bowling

 All of the junior groups had the opportunity to go off camp this week to Lake George’s Lanes and Games for some bowling fun!  The girls were truly excited for this evening event.  The girls not only bowled, but naturally a dance party broke out on the lanes.  They also showed terrific manners when purchasing snacks and drinks.  We even got complimented at the end of the night by the bowling alley staff about how well-behaved our group was.  It was a great night and the girls did a great job of representing Echo Lake.

Dance Team

 Some of the Junior Girls participated in two dance team competitions this past week.  The first competition was Tuesday at Raquette Lake and the second one was Friday at Poin O’Pines.  The girls did an excellent job and were true performers!  It was impressive to see how quickly they were able to learn an entire dance routine.  They certainly represented Echo Lake well.  The Junior Girls’ groups placed at the Point O’Pines competition and even won a special award for their performance.  The entire Echo Lake community is so proud of them!


The Upper Junior Girls had their first campfire of the summer!  They enjoyed singing campfire songs with their friends, Echo Lake Trivia, and of course s’more making after learning the proper way to make a s’more in S’morientation.  They capped off their campfire with a reading of the book Bucketfillers which talks about being a good friend and building people up.  They also ended it by singing the song TAPS and enjoying the summer sounds of the Adirondacks.

Check back next week for more updates on the Junior Girls! We can’t wait to see all that week four brings and of course to see all of you on visiting day!