by Robert Cooper (Inter Boys Head Counselor)

This past week has been filled with so many awesome days and plenty of memorable nights!  Each day has been busy with a multitude of different trips, exciting evening activities, and so much group bonding.  There have been so many highlights to this week that I will struggle to fit them all into this short review.

Inter Special Days

Each Inter group had their special day this past week!  The staff really got into planning these days and I believe it showed in how much fun each camper had.  It’s a great chance to break free from the normal daily schedule and do some really unique activities.  Some notable ones were a slip-n-sliding, paint fights, movies in the lodge/bunks, and a camp-wide scavenger hunt.

Upper Inter Campfire

Our Upper Inter group participated in their first campfire of the summer!  Campfires are a favorite amongst evening activities.  I love how they give everyone time to reflect on the day/week, and just appreciate the simple pleasures of camp.  The Upper Inter Boys were so engaged and involved in all of the activities during our campfire, and they really made the most out of one of their last campfires on Main Camp.

Lower Inter Putt Putt and Upper Inter Bowling

Last Tuesday night our Lower Inter groups went to The Fun Spot, and our Upper Inter boys went bowling the following night.  Just like their first trips that each group took, they were all so respectful and well behaved on these nights.  We had such a great time and all the boys were shining examples of what Echo Lake campers are.  We are looking forward to our next BIG Trip to The Great Escape amusement park!

Coming Up…

We’ve got our World Cup day this week, the famous Apache Relay on Friday, and a several basketball tournaments.  Check back later this week to read all about the excitement!