Dear Trail Watchers,

Have you heard of The Kindness Rocks Project? It’s a super cool initiative that aims to “change someone’s entire day, outlook, life” through writing kind messages on rocks and leaving them in various communities and places. Our team over at Fine Arts has brought this powerful project to Camp Echo Lake this summer and our campers and staff seem to be loving it.

At Camp Echo Lake, campers can spend their arts period decorating a rock with markers and pain with a message of positivity or encouragement to share with the rest of the CEL community. The rocks are placed on the path between Fine Arts and Jason’s Jungle, a heavily trafficked area of camp so all members of the CEL campus can be exposed to these happy rocks.

At the end of the summer, campers will be encouraged to take a rock home with them and place it at their school, favorite park, or other place that they think could use some kindness. Our campers and staff come from all over this beautiful world so we’re excited to see where our Kindness Rocks end up.

Camper Ella chose to write “Stay Positive” on her CEL Kindness Rock to share a message of encouragement to her fellow campers. Campers can choose from some messages that have been pre-selected for them or use those as inspiration and write their own mantra or boost of encouragement.

Kindness really does “rock!” If you want to read more about The Kindness Rock Project you can read about it here. Thanks to Dara, our Head Specialist for bringing this rockin’ project to Camp Echo Lake this summer!!

Love Always,