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John-PezzollaHey Guys!

As I type this I bet all of you are getting so excited for June 27th! I’ve been up at camp for a bit now and I have to say things are coming together nicely. The familiar sights and sounds are filling up camp and it’s starting to look like the place we all know and love. Things really get going in the early spring. Darren and the guys start to open cabins and turn on water to all the buildings. When the preseason staff arrive the first thing they do is rake up pine needles.  These brave souls rake the entire camp! It usually takes about two weeks to do it.  Once the pine needles are gone and the major repairs are finished we then start to get all the activity areas set up. As you know we do a lot of fun things at camp so that means a ton of equipment, nets, and fields need to be sorted and set up. I have to say it’s nothing short of a miracle all the work that the maintenance guys and preseason staff do to get camp looking great. I can’t wait to see you all in a few short weeks!

Stay Gold,