Dear Trail Watchers,

Yesterday was the first rainy day at camp. But, like true Echo Lakers, we didn’t let that get us down! Rainy days stop some activities like basketball & Jason’s Jungle, but many other activities continue along like normal! Our Seniors continued along with Lacrosse – the wet grass added an extra challenge to our superstar lax players.

Over at fishing our first fish of the summer were caught!! 🐟🐟🐟 Maybe this rain is Keenan, our Fishing Head Specialist’s, lucky charm.

The LITs didn’t let the rain get the best of them either. They are enjoying their sessions and engaged in a rousing game of Spikeball. Rachel and Maddie even spent some quality time frolicking in the grass during a lull in the rain.

Obviously, rain is rarely a cause for celebration at camp. But here at Echo Lake we always make the best of the situation. Taking extra time to write letters home, work on our friendship bracelets, and hang out with our groups is always a fun way to wait out the weather. We always make sure our campers are safe and inside if the weather gets too nasty, but today was just showers so most activities were still on. You know what they say, “after the rain comes the rainbow.” 🌈

In the afternoon the sun came out so our main villagers took to the pool and lake for group swim. SomeΒ  even got to test out our fancy new waterslides and floating obstacle course.

Like the song says, “Echo in the rain, we love you just the same!”

Talk Soon,

The Echo Lake Trail