The Camp Echo Lake Trail

From Lemons to Lemonade with Matt Lemoine: Camp Stories

Posted by on October 11, 2019

  As we look forward to Camp Echo Lake’s 75th summer and Reunion next year, I can’t help but think about all the stories and memories that will be shared across generations. Being (recently) married to an Echo Lake Alumni and working for Camp year-round,…

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I Just Got Home and You Want to Know if I Want to Go Back to Camp?

Posted by on August 21, 2019

I Just Got Home and You Want to Know if I Want to go Back to Camp?  Written by Laurie Rinke ***This article was originally posted in October 2014. We felt that at this time of year, when camp re-enrollment is underway and even the…

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How Echo Lakers Treat Each Other All Year-Round and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guidance

Posted by on August 14, 2019

Dear Echo Lake Families, We hope this letter finds you doing well as your child(ren) settle in to their post camp / school year.  As you know, Echo Lake is a community that emphasizes treating people with respect, building self-esteem, and generally spreading Warm Inner…

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How to Help Your Child Adjust from their Summer Home to their Winter Home

Posted by on August 10, 2019

By Laurie Rinke NOTE: This article was originally posted in the summer of 2014. It is being republished to offer a refresher to parents for their children’s arrival back home from camp.  “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…” Charles Dickens’ opening…

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Project Morry Visits Camp Echo Lake

Posted by on July 31, 2019

Dear Trail Watchers, We were so lucky to have campers and staff from Morry’s Camp visit us here at The Lake this past weekend. Our Upper Villagers got to show them the ropes (literally, at Jason’s Jungle & Sky Village) while they experienced a taste…

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