Back home in Irleand, March is the month when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll often hear people talking about the “luck of the Irish.” I don’t consider myself a particularly lucky person, but I do feel very lucky to have Camp Echo Lake in my life! 

Where I grew up, there was no such thing as a sleepaway camp. During the summer, I would mostly spend time at home with my family, see my friends, and help with jobs around the house. When I learned about Echo Lake, my mind was blown! I would have absolutely loved spending my whole summer outdoors with my friends playing sports and doing activities all day. I feel super lucky to be able to have these experiences now as an adult! 

Another reason that we are all lucky to be a part of Camp Echo Lake is the opportunity to try new things! Before I came to camp back in 2016, I had never really tried climbing, waterskiing, or ceramics. I still don’t love heights, but I am grateful that each summer I get a chance to work on my skills and make it a little bit higher up that climbing wall! There are so many activities at camp that I am sure there will be something new for every camper and staff member to try each summer. 

I’m an athletic person, and I could spend all day playing sports! My main sport growing up was basketball. I do love to join in on the courts with Glenn and Doug during the summer, but I especially appreciate the chance to develop my skills in other sports like baseball, lacrosse, and hockey! Camp is a perfect place to build your skills, whether it is improving your back stroke at H2O, dancing with Leslie, or shooting a bullseye at archery! 

Last but certainly not least, my favorite part of being at camp each summer is getting to meet new people and make long-lasting friendships! With 500 campers and 250 staff each summer, there are so many people from all over the world that come together at this very special place. I have met some of my best friends and even my wife at camp! There is no better place to form meaningful connections, away from the distractions of technology. How lucky are we! 

I can’t wait for my luck to continue during my 6th summer at camp in 2022! See you there!