The Junior Girls have been having an awesome week this week! It has been jam packed with fun, friends, and sun! We went bowling, had campfires, pool parties, and Halloween in July! It was so great to get to spend the day on Saturday with all of our family and loved ones. The Junior Girls took such pride in getting to show off the place that has quickly become their second home. From boating, to sky village, to gymnastics and softball, we hope that you all reading this at home can reflect on the awesome day that we all shared! That being said, we did not have much time to miss home, since we had to get ready for Halloween!

As if our day wasn’t busy enough, we found out the tribal themes for the summer; Mohawk is Summer, and Iroquois is Winter! It is going to be a blast seeing how the LITS use the themes throughout the summer and we can’t wait!

In general, the Junior Girls have been saying “yes” to so many new opportunities on camp. There are always Junior Girls signing up for trips and trying out for Friday Night Live. So many campers have been expanding their comfort zones. How lucky are we that we get to try new things and push ourselves in a place where we feel safe and supported? That’s what camp is all about! The amount of fuzzies that the Junior Girls are receiving is unparalleled in any other division. It is clear that we are all about being nice and trying hard!

The Junior Girls are looking forward to Carnival, Apache Relay, and the Junior Show, which is on July 21st! Don’t forget to check out the website for amazing photos and videos.

Until next week….