No week has been busier than number three,

leaving the LITs to be anything but free!!

With Morry’s Camp, Tribal, and Visiting day oh my,

our oldest kids on camp have been acting far from shy.

Morry’s Camp was an adventure, where their met many new friends.

After a bonfire, whale day, and fuzzies with hats, they didn’t want to good times to end.

Heading back to camp they took on a new leadership role,

Some headed to Albany Food Bank to give back to the community and grow.

The next day was a break, as we headed to the mall,

seeing antman and skyscraper, they had such a ball.

Friday night came with build up, as the kids waited to see their parents,

to go out to dinner and tell them all about their summer merits.

I’m sure you all know, Saturday was a big one,

Visiting day arrived and brought to camp lots of fun.

With candy and baked goods, tours of camp, and trips to Target,

the LIT kids had a last visiting day they will never forget

As you can see this week brought many new life lessons learned,  

and it all culminated last night when the tribal flame burned.

Iroquois is Winter giving Mohawk Summer,

the tribal theme reveal was far from a bummer.

Week four is fast approaching, camp is almost halfway done

BUT Tribal track is tonight, time to see all the kids run!