amy-stein-440x293While Echo Lake is its own little world it is a reflection, in its way, of issues at play in the larger world outside.

These last few months have been very unsettled in our country politically.  Many of us worry at the politicians and government leaders who seek to command our attention.  I do not wish to expound on my political views.  This is a camp blog, after all.  However, I always marvel at our camp culture, which in its cloistered world teaches interpersonal behavior that is fair, encourages conversation that is open and appropriate and respects the right of the individual who functions in our safe clearly boundary driven world.  All newcomers – staff and campers are welcomed and drawn in.  They are recognized and important each in their own way.

Echo Lake is a self-selecting community too.  Our philosophy and underpinnings are public knowledge.  A residential community is impactful unlike any other and we have the good fortune of supporting excellent values from home for children who are 8, 9, 10, 11 years old and then teenagers 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.  As they age the world outside presents different messages and behaviors. Some are confusing and inappropriate. Each summer at Echo Lake reinforces values that are consistent with the parental home.  We forge an alliance and a very powerful bond of trust with our camp families.  We are an extension of home with consistent staff and leadership who embody rules that are easy and sane.

The fact that all this happens in a little world that is zany, silly, unpretentious and joyful  reinforces it as THE PLACE TO BE summer, after summer 2016 being year 71!  Isn’t that something?

Wow!  Wow again!  Aren’t we lucky!

Amy Medine Stein
Director Emeritus