I can’t believe we are already approaching our 100-day countdown to Camper Arrival Day and the official kick-off to summer 2017.  On Thursday, March 16th there will be only 100 days until our Campers roll into Camp on the buses.   Throughout my time at Echo Lake, Camper Arrival Day has consistently been a highlight of every summer for me. We begin June with the arrival of counselors for the start of their staff training with more joining us every few days.  Our Camp family continues to grow as the counselors wait with anticipation to meet the Campers who will make all the training worthwhile.  Finally, on Arrival Day, as the kids come hustling off the bus with excitement, everything suddenly becomes real and Camp finally seems complete.

I am approaching my 11th summer at Echo Lake, and it amazes me that I always feel the same kind of butterflies during this time of the year in anticipation for Camper Arrival Day. There is an overwhelming sense of joy that can be felt while watching returning Campers reunite with their best friends and returning counselors who have already made a forever impact on their lives. Even more exciting is watching New Campers get off the bus, because I know something they don’t even know yet.  They are about to meet some of their life-long best friends, and additionally their counselors who will become their role models. It’s neat to think that 51 days later, when they get back on that bus, they will be a little taller, a little more confident, a little more independent, and leave with a Warm Inner Glow. How cool is that?

In honor of the kick off to the 100-day countdown on March 16th, I am going to rock my Echo Lake attire to share my excitement and pride for my summer home.  I challenge you to join me by wearing an Echo Lake shirt, hat, or simply rocking green and gold so we can get at least 100 pictures posted to our Facebook and Instagram page.  Please send your pictures to Laurie@campecholake.com to show that you are pumped for Camper Arrival Day 2017! Let the countdown begin!