This past week, the Junior Girls went bowling, which was a fun opportunity for them to get off camp and enjoy a night out.  The girls were filled with excitement as they bowled and enjoyed the brand new arcade at Spare Time in Lake George.  I was really proud of how they supported and cheered each other on, especially because it was the first time bowling for some of the girls.  They were wonderful guests at the bowling alley, and represented Camp Echo Lake well.



The Junior Girls participated in “Minute to Win It” this past week, where each group was given a minute to complete a challenge.  The person that completed the challenge first will go on to represent their group in the finals against the Inter and Senior Village groups.  The girls were really supportive of each other, and congratulated their friends who won.



Visiting Day took place yesterday.  The campers were excited with anticipation to see their families. As the “stampede” of parents came bounding down the Girls Camp hill, I saw so much joy in all of the campers’ eyes.  It was great to meet everybody and see the campers showing their families around their summer home.  Although some said their goodbyes with teary eyes, the Junior Girls did a great job of jumping right back into the fun of camp. Within an hour of the parents’ departures, we had a candy party, went swimming and began prepping for Halloween.  Later that night, all of the girls got into their Halloween costumes and went “trick or treating” in Senior Village, participating in fun games to earn more candy.  Following Halloween, all of camp gathered on the lower soccer field for the torch lighting ceremony, and the revelation of Tribal Themes.  The campers erupted with cheers as they learned that this year’s theme is The Grand Canyon versus Mt. Everest.  At the end of a very long day, the girls headed off to bed, and went to sleep very quickly.



Some of the Junior Girls participated in a dance inter-camp this past week.  It was the first-ever dance inter-camp that Camp Echo Lake has ever participated in.  The girls came in second place in their division.  Echo Lake was very proud of the girls, and gave them a lot of recognition when they did an encore performance during this past Friday Night Live.



I think that it’s interesting to see how the groups are functioning as a family, with each group seeming to have its own flow.  The campers are keeping up with the pace of camp; it has truly become their way of life. They are supporting each other as if they are family and working fluently as a team.



Next week will be the Junior show, Beauty and the Beast.  A lot of the girls have been working really hard to prepare for this show, and will continue to do so throughout the week.  Next week will also be the second campfire for the Frosh and Lower Junior Girls.  It is always a great time for the campers when they get to gather around the campfire, sing songs, hear stories about Echo Lake, and of course, make s’mores!