In Their Own Words...Camper Stories

During a recent blogging elective, members of the cast of Beauty and the Beast shared their stories about their experience with the show.  These are their stories, in their own words…


Rachel L. (UJGE)

My camp performed Beauty and the Beast for our Junior play.  I played the role of Belle.  I was a little nervous at first, but in the end, I enjoyed it.  I was so excited because I knew that this was my chance to show the camp that I was talented.  After the play, people kept coming up to me and congratulating me on my performance in the show.  Now I have more confidence for the future.  It was an amazing experience and I hope that I can get an opportunity like that again one day!


Jonah F. (LJBE)

Beauty and the Beast was an amazing experience for everyone but there’s two sides to each story.  My favorite is what happens backstage.  Everything is calm onstage but so chaotic backstage.  It’s like two parallel universes.  During the show, what seemed like a million things went wrong.  We had an amazing crew but even the best, most experienced people make mistakes.  Mics weren’t turned off; costume pieces were wet and so much more.  If the audience saw all of this, it would change their perspective on the show.  And that’s why it stays mysterious and hidden.


Emma L. (UJGE)

This year’s play for the Juniors was Beauty and the Beast.  I was really nervous for the auditions because I have a little bit of stage fright.  When the day for auditions came, my heart was pounding so fast.  I was starting to regret doing this, and wished that I just signed up for backstage crew.  Laura said to gather around the piano.  We all learned a song together.  Then, Laura asked us to get in a single file for auditions.  I went in the back of the line, so no one would be left to listen to me.  When it was my turn, it was only me and Laura.  She asked me to sing a song, and then I read some lines from the play with Lexi.  This time, I was extra nervous because everyone was watching, but I got it over with.  I kinda knew the play, because I did it last year in my old camp.  I got my part and I was happy with it.  I had a lot of fun.