Dear Trail Watchers,

Have you ever received a friendship bracelet? In our opinion it is one of the best gifts you can get, a handmade symbol of your friendship with another camper or staff. Wether it’s made of beads, embroidery floss, or both, friendship bracelets are the pinnacle of camp camaraderie.

At Camp Echo Lake, in-progress friendship bracelets are found hanging off of water bottles and backpacks. Embroidery floss and beads are frequently spread across bedspreads as campers collaborate to select the best color-combinations for the recipient of the bracelet-to-be. It is always a special moment to give or receive a bracelet from your friend or give one to your counselor to thank them for always being there for you.

Another coveted symbol at Camp Echo Lake is the “Camp Wrist,” where campers pile their bracelets high – some even reach their elbows! Often used to demonstrate their Tribal team, Camp Wrists are a big topic of discussion among campers and staff as they plan what order to rock their stack of bracelets. Watch out for some crazy tan lines come the end of August!

We love seeing friends teaching each other how to knot strings into different patterns during Free Play. Campers and Staff alike work on their bracelets while they watch Evening Program and have Circle Ups. Friendship bracelets and Camp Echo Lake go hand in hand & we are lucky to have such creative folk around here to make them for us!

Love always,

The Camp Echo Lake Trail