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AlumPic#12001 LITs Evan Levine, Michelle Alperin, JP Begly, Raina Krasnow-Mehlman, Michelle Rinke-Wallace, Sophie Porter-Sperber, Lea Ozeri, Rachel Turnowski, Bari Rogoff and Rachel Rosenberg-Levine got together this spring and of course spent time reminiscing about their amazing summers at CEL.




Congratulations to Ken Babby who recently purchased the Jacksonville Suns.  Ken has been in love with baseball ever since he was a little guy – big excitement, Kenny!


Former Trek Director and awesome guy, Nate Wood, is a scientist with the USGS and lead author of a new study about Tsumani education was interviewed recently by CBS news.  Check it out here!


Marc Lichtenfeld (a CEL alum was at camp 1977-1980 and again in 1983) reached out to us recently.

Marc’s wife, Holly, just launched a business aimed at teaching girls business/entrepreneurial/money skills. She has a kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of her first book. If you’re interested finding out more:


Holly and Marc will write a book together later in the year on investing for girls. Marc’s second edition of his book Get Rich with Dividends was just published. Not bad for a kid from Bunk 19 (1977).


George Stein met up with Craig Thomas who is a news anchor in Tucson and engaged to be married. Congrats, Craig!


Ian Inman, was golf counsellor and in the LSB cabin 29+ in 1986. He was excited to share photos of the LSB / LSG, golf sessions, golf camp in camp and the carnival day.  Ian and we hope a few ex-campers and counselors may enjoy them!



Ellen Katz Halpern (Iroquois chieftain ’80) who lives in Toronto and Renee Pearl Sigler spent time biking in Hallandale, Florida- January 2015 Great times, good food and lots of laughs… Friends, friends, friends, we will always be…





More camp friends finding each other…GL’s of 1987 Ira Bloom, Jill Schwartz-Greer, Mark Weinstein & Alan Nadel were together at a Penn Alumni weekend.




image (1)Former CEL staff members, Rachel Glickenstein and Peter West, ran into each other in Brussels…and Rachel also ran into alum, Ruth Kleinman in Jerusalum. Wow- CEL pride does go worldwide!