It’s been another great week at Camp Echo Lake with the 2017 LITS. While half of the group spent time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (painting and moving furniture at Habitat’s new location), the other half stayed at camp and worked with a new group of children in main camp.

The LITs led their second tribal event this week: Group Games. Group games is when each group (Frosh through Upper Village) is assigned a sport to compete in for Tribal. For example, a group may play soccer, basketball, kickball, gaga, newcomb, etc. Each Main Camp and Senior Village group had several LIT coaches at their events. During these events the LITs were able to show their camp spirit and leadership abilities by dressing up in green and gold and cheering on their players. Awesome job, LITS!

In the latter part of the week, the LITs took a 4 hour road trip to Morry’s Camp. At Morry’s Camp the LITs joined the campers in several different activities including, art, media, social justice, and theater. The first group of LITs saw staff bonanza, which is a staff talent show. The second group were involved in Morry’s Camp Whale Day, which is a day filled with water activities and sports such as water newcomb and boating. We ended our trip by receiving a Morry’s Camp fuzzy. It was an amazing learning experience for all!

We can’t wait to see everyone on Visiting Day, and share more about our awesome LIT experience thus far! 🙂