It seems unreal that we are beginning our final week of camp.  It feels like it was just yesterday when our Junior Girls hopped off the bus (some for the very first time) and began their Echo Lake journey.  Since then I have watched these girls grow in their confidence and obtain new skills and abilities all while having a ton of FUN!


Speaking of fun…Last week was jam packed with it! To kick it off, the Junior Girls had their Special Day on Monday.  Each group had a different theme for their special day.  The Frosh Girls went on a mini 4n4 Trip right here on Camp.  The Lower Junior Girls East were Party Animals for a day. The Lower Junior Girls West were on a hunt for Extra Terrestrials and traveled through space.  The Upper Junior Girls East went on a groovy 70’s road trip through Camp. The Upper Junior Girls West were Wacky and Crazy.  The day was filled with paint fights, slip n slides, tie-dye, mid-afternoon movies, special snacks, and golf cart rides.  The Junior Girl staff did a fantastic job planning a day for their groups that was just the right fit for them! And what better way to kick off the day than to be woken up to music blasting and having a Junior Girl dance party on the bunk line in celebration.  The Juniors were certainly surprised and excited about their day!


In addition to the fun, the Junior Girls went miniature golfing in Lake George on Wednesday and went to Waterslide World on Friday.  It was a terrific time for all of the girls to come together and have a great time off Camp.  It is nice to see the friendships that have formed among the Junior Girls, not only within their groups, but also between the different age groups in the Junior Division.  They were so supportive of each other, cheering each other on during mini golf and encouraging each other to step out of their comfort zones.  The warmness and supportive community that has been formed among the Junior Girls division is very apparent.


With one week left of Camp we are gearing up to have the best week yet! The week started off with a bang with “EchoMania” on Sunday night.  The girls also have begun to learn their Tribal Sing songs which will be the big closing Tribal event on Thursday evening.  We also will have our All Camp Campfire where each group will have a chance to reflect on their time together this summer.  We will end our week with our Camp Party and then finally spend the last night reprising our summer and viewing the burning of the year.  It is never easy to part with Camp, but until then,  we will all focus on the remaining days together, the friendships we have made, and of course the fun that is still to be had! I know that all of you will be amazed when these campers come home to you next Sunday to hear their stories, see what they have learned, and watch them stand a little bit taller!