As the summer comes to a close, the Inter girls have been making every last minute of the summer count. From TREK overnight trips to Tennis tournaments to performing on stage in FNL, the Inter girls have been going nonstop in order to end the summer with a bang! Over the past week and half the Inter girls have been showing the value of empathy, and in the words of Brooke Weissman, an UIGW, have been “sprinkling kindness around like confetti.” The Inters have shown that they truly care about the CEL community by consistently showing positivity and kindness.

Last week all of Girls’ Camp had a mad and wacky day with the Mad Scientists (Professor Nadir, Professor Sommer and Professor Hanley). The girls had the opportunity to mix and mingle with the Junior Girls. It was really nice to see the Inters leading the way all day long for the Juniors and helping them navigate through the different stations and parts of the day. There was a ton of fun involved with Special Day as campers had the opportunity to go on an E.T. Hunt, make oobleck, and do some H20 time traveling. The day was a huge hit!


Last week, the Upper Inter Girls had the opportunity to sit O.D. from 10 pm to 11 pm. Each UIG took the role very seriously. They introduced themselves to their assigned bunk, made each bunk feel comfortable and most of all kept everyone safe. I just want to thank these young ladies for their hard work and dedication to Girls Camp! Everyone at camp is so proud of them for continuously representing the Echo Lake community in a positive way.


Last Saturday night the Lower Inters performed in the show, “The Little Mermaid.” WOW! The performance was literally jaw dropping. It was so impressive how the girls really owned their roles, embodied their characters and shined on stage. The girls in the audience were equally as impressive as they all made signs to support the cast of “The Little Mermaid.” I swear I will have the song of “She’s in Love” stuck in my head until November. Great job to the cast and crew of “The Little Mermaid.”


You might be thinking that that is all the fun the Inters had this week… but you are wrong! On Tuesday we had the BEST.DAY.EVER. because we packed our backpacks and headed to the only other best place in the Adirondack region- GREAT ESCAPE. And you know what they say, they don’t call it the good escape! What a fantastic day of fun in the sun- filled with kindness, appreciation for one another, and encouragement. Many of the girls took steps outside of their comfort zone as they tried a new ride. Overall, it was super fun day full of memories the Inter girls will never forget!


Speaking of kindness, we also celebrated “Acts of Kindness Day” at camp. The Inter girls really took the lead as they wrote cards and letters thanking different areas of camp such as Maintenance, the Health Center and Office staff.  I was overwhelmed with joy by their eloquence, gratitude and overall appreciation of areas of camp that don’t normally get a ton of credit for their hard work.


Once again, the Inter girls are going above and beyond as leaders of Main Camp. They truly all have a “we’re all in this together” mentality and really do sprinkle kindness like confetti. It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of camp, but I am confident that we will all carry the memories and lessons we’ve shared together into the winter months.