We have finished another great week at camp and I am happy to report that the Junior Boys are really off to the races this summer! After taking stock of the week, it is amazing to think about how quickly our campers have adjusted to camp and really made Echo Lake into their second home. Whether it is at activities, in the cabins, or around camp, the Junior Boys have really shown a level of comfort that is incredibly positive for the rest of the summer!


We had a great week with awesome activities ranging from inter camps and team practices to bingo nights and trek hikes. Wow, the Junior Boys covered a lot of camp territory this week! As we finally got some consistent sunny days, we had an opportunity to enjoy general swims in the lake and pool, waterskiing trips for our deep swimmers, and a few awesome boating activities.
In my opinion, the Juniors really hit their stride at camp after Tribal broke on July 4th after the fireworks. The boys were incredibly excited to find out what teams they were on, and that energy carried forward into one of the most energetic and spirited tribal tugs I have ever seen. Jumping forward, it was great to see the tribal spirit in full force on Sunday as the groups competed in tribal group games. I am always reminded of how amazing camp is during these tribal events when the boys give 100% during the activity, but then smile, hug and laugh with the other team immediately after… that is what sportsmanship is all about.


I will keep you posted on the Junior major events as they happen, but on Saturday night the boys really seemed to be inspired by the Upper Inter show of Charlie Brown. The performers had less than two weeks to prepare the show and they did a fantastic job with the performance. Stay tuned for the Junior and Frosh shows of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and School House Rock respectively.

Finally, this coming week the fun continues with bowling trips for all the junior groups, a camp classic challenge night, and the perennial favorite activity, Yacht or Not – an activity where groups are given cardboard and duct tape, and are told to construct a boat for counselors to race.

Before my next post, I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday at Visiting Day!!