The Inter Boys have had a great start to Summer 2017 and we are pumped to keep the energy flowing for the next six weeks!!  For those of you who might not know, this is my 17th summer working at CEL, but it is my first summer as a Head Counselor.  I am loving my job because it allows me to be back on the bunk line hanging out with these amazing campers!


Whether they are Juniors or Inters, our campers are loving our morning lineup theme and characters.  This year’s theme centers around Ira Quois and Maurice “Mo” Hawk who are two rock stars in a band call “The Fidget Spinners”!  They have been employed by Tony to deliver morning announcements and other odd jobs as their bus has broken down and they cannot afford to fix it.  The campers are loving singing all of their hits, such as “Search Party” and “Fidget, Fidget, Fidget”.  Campers can be observed around camp doing the Invisible Spinner hand signal!  The Fidget Spinner band has been a huge hit at morning line up, in addition to some new Boys Camp chants. You can hear the boys enthusiastically singing all over camp!


I am really impressed with my Lower Inter Boys this year.  They have made Pine Cone Alley their home and are making such a smooth transition from Juniors.  Our Upper Inter Boys are a stellar group of young men who keep me laughing throughout the day!  In addition to being great UIBs, their cabins are amongst the cleanest on Boys Camp, which is AWESOME!!!  Keep up the great work!!


Our activities are going great and the boys are going full steam ahead when the weather allows us. The rain we have had over the past few days was a bit of a downer, but our boys were champs and made the most of it inside and outside of the bunks!  We had a blast at Hoe Down last night and we are looking forward to Off Track Betting on Monday and Group Sing/Fireworks on Tuesday.  I know that my boys are going to represent the Inters well at both events.  Inter Pride!


I have been impressed with what I have seen from the boys so far and I cannot wait to see what will come in the near future! Stay tuned!