At Echo Lake, all campers have the opportunity to take risks and try new things. The Inter Girls have demonstrated resilience and bravery in new and challenging situations.  As Zoe Lobel, a UIGE, wisely said, “If you don’t take risks, you don’t accomplish anything.” The Inter Girls have been accomplishing many different feats whether it is on the stage, on the soccer field, or down at TREK. Both the Lower Inter Girls and the Upper Inter Girls West got a chance to take a step out of their comfort zones as they challenged themselves at Sky Village. The Upper Inter Girls East tackled fitness twice this week, where they gave 110% effort and did not quit, even when they were tired. We have observed so many Inter Girls taking on new endeavors like auditioning for camp plays, performing in front of the entire camp at FNL, and jumping in the lake for the swim test. I can’t wait to see all of their future accomplishments as we are just getting started!

While performing at the Main Camp Pep Rally on Monday, each group had a chance to take a risk as they shined on stage. The Lower Inter Girls did a cheer routine to “Brrr It’s Cold in Here.” Meanwhile, the Upper Inter Girls East united as a group while performing their song “Party… Don’t let Julie know…” Finally, the Upper Inter Girls West sang a camper created song! It was truly an incredible night where the Inter Girls set the tone as being the most spirited groups on Main Camp! Watch out!!

Throughout the week, each group also had the chance to participate in fun evening activities such as “The Mostest” and Dutch Auction. These games allow campers to connect and bond over things they have in common, while also rallying around a common cause. The Lower Inter Girls had the chance to spend the night in the Lodge with me as we played fun and silly sleep games like “Liar’s Club” and the “Toss and Talk game.” Each group will have the chance to have a “Girl’s Night Out” in the lodge with me, and I look forward to spending this time with the Upper Inter Girls next week! “Girl’s Night Out” rocks!

And, there has been even more fun! Each group has been busy practicing and rehearsing for Group Sing on Tuesday evening. This provides another opportunity for each group to take risks on stage! In addition to practicing for Group Sing, the girls have also been making the best of the few rainy days we had during the beginning of camp. The girls got to play in some giant puddles with their rain boots on, host fashion shows inside the bunk, and even play torpedo run at night! At Echo Lake, we never let a little rain stop us from having a blast! I can’t wait for the week ahead as we have some more special events like Hoe Down (last night), Group Sing, Fireworks, OTB… the party never stops with the Inter Girls!!