Upper Inter Girl, Jessica Casper, was recently asked to write a poem for her English class.  Jessica chose to write about one of her favorite places on Earth, Camp Echo Lake.  We are blown away by her ability to capture the true essence of Echo Lake with her words.  Please enjoy her poem below…


jessica casper

Camp Echo Lake

Camp is like my home,

With so many sisters

Making new ones every year

And keeping the old ones

Camp is like a teacher

Waiting to give confidence to the campers

Who try the new activities

Even when they are scared

Camp is a wonderland

In the Adirondacks

Surrounded by trees and lakes

And a clear blue sky

Camp is like leaping off a cliff,

Concurring your fears

Stepping out of your box

And helping others step out of theirs

Camp is like a memory holder,

Waiting 10 months for 2

Till I come back to camp

I keep the old ones and make some new

Camp is like a baseball stadium

Filled with laughter and smiles

Although there are some cries

Camp is really worth the while

jessica casper