Camp Echo Lake Inter Girls

Inter Girls Head Counselor – Becca Zukowsky


All of Main Camp participated in an evening activity called Inside the Echo Lake Studio. Each group received a short synopsis of a film and then acted out the plot, albeit with a slight twist; it had to be Echo Lake-related.  The plots were focused around the Stein family, other head staff members, as well as fuzzies and the new field house.
The girls loved Inside the Echo Lake Studio.  It was a chance to dress up and dance together, and it showcased what Main Camp is all about.  All of the campers participated, even those that didn’t feel comfortable being on stage.  The culture that exists at Echo Lake makes kids feel safe and comfortable trying new things while being themselves.  It was a great icebreaker, and it gave new campers and staff the chance to be creative and silly on the stage with returning Echo Lakers.

This week, the entire camp participated in our annual Hoedown with the help of The Fireflies, a string band that returns each summer for this special event surrounding the July 4th holiday.  Our girls learned songs and square dances from other parts of the world, like Russia and France.
The girls came to the event in whatever Western-style attire they could find.  We had more space than ever before as the hoedown was moved from the Rec Hall to the new field house, which was filled with hay and American flag decorations.  The girls really enjoyed participating in the line and partner dances, before ending the night on a high note at canteen.

Both Upper and Lower Inters had the opportunity to participate in separate inter-camp games this past week. The Upper Inters stayed at camp to compete in softball, while the Lower Inters traveled to South Woods to compete in soccer and basketball. They won all but one game at South Woods and ended up befriending their opponents.

Due to the hot and rainy weather, bunk time was a popular evening activity this past week, and we did double swim periods in the afternoons of the hottest days.
When visiting all the Inter Girls during bunk time, I was able to participate in all of the creative ways that they had chosen to pass the time. There was fort building, nail painting and even a mock wedding! They were so entertained that they didn’t seem to mind the extra time in the bunk.  Our girls never let the weather get in the way of having fun!

The goal of the Inter Girls this summer is to take on the challenge and responsibility of being role models for the younger campers on Girls Camp.  They are excited about this opportunity, and they are inspired to increase the spirit on Girls Camp as they take on a leadership role.  In fact, the Upper Inters even took a pledge to be role models for Girls Camp, which read as follows…
“As an Upper Inter Girl, I am a part of a strong, female sisterhood that empowers each other to become strong, independent women. I pledge to be a leader this summer and show the community of Girls Camp what it means, looks and feels like to be a strong, young woman. I will accept you for who you are. I will dare to be myself because there are no limits on how beautiful our differences can be!”

Group Sing and fireworks take place on Tuesday.  Group Sing is an all-camp event.  Each group writes a song and choreographs a dance that is representative of their personalities.   It is a great bonding opportunity for the girls as they pursue a common goal, and it also gives them the chance to build relationships with other groups on camp.  In the spirit of expanding their bonds, the LIGE and LIGW will be performing together on Tuesday, as will the UIGE and UIGW.   The Upper Inter show, Hairspray, is also this coming Saturday.