Camp Echo Lake Tribal War 2014 - Breaking News

(Camp Echo Lake – Warrensburg, NY)  The familiar chant – “1,2,3,4…we want Tribal War!” – had already begun on July 1st, when the entire camp gathered together in the new Field House to watch the United States take on Belgium in the World Cup.  Since that time, there has been a sense of anticipatory excitement in the air as Echo Lake campers anxiously awaited the breaking of Tribal War.  After a week of sitting on pins and needles, Tribal War 2014 has finally broken!
Once again, the entire camp was gathered together in the Field House, this time for Group Sing.  The evening was filled with spirit and laughter, although there was a palpable tension in the air as the possibility of a Tribal break loomed large.  The campers were all elated when the sheets went flying through the air of the Field House just as the LITs completed their Group Song. Even though the campers thought that Tribals might break tonight, they were still caught by surprise when it finally happened!
The planned fireworks display over Echo Lake was postponed until tomorrow due to inclement weather, but there was no disappointment on the campers’ faces as they reveled in the excitement of the eagerly-anticipated Tribal War break.