Camp Echo Lake Inter Boys

Inter Boys Head Counselor – Matt LeMoine



If I were to pick a theme for the Inter Boys’ first week, it would be bonding through playing.  After a fantastic Challenge Night (previously discussed by Patrick) on Wednesday, where the boys were given the opportunity to compete in basketball, soccer and kickball, the Inter Boys showcased their skills in the summer’s first inter-camp games.
In our inter-camp games, we typically have one group of boys play another camp in a variety of sports. Regardless of whether we host the inter-camp games or travel to another camp, it is always an exciting and fun way for the boys to bond, both in their groups and with other campers of the same age.
The Lower Inter Boys took on Walden on Friday, while the Upper Inter Boys played them on Sunday. The weather was great; the boys played well, and at the end of the day, Echo Lake showed what it really means to be great sportsmen by not only performing well (winning both age groups), but also treating the other team with respect and having fun.

In addition to enjoying the competitive side of camp, the Inter Boys have been showing off their creative side all week through Inside the Echo Lake Studio and with Group Sing practices.
Group Sing is one of the special events at camp that really bonds groups together.  It consists of a song that has been written or revised to tell a story about a group to introduce them to the rest of the camp. It is one of the oldest Echo Lake traditions, and is usually one of the most memorable nights at camp. I won’t spoil the surprise and reveal the song for this year’s showcase, but I will say that, based on the recent practices, we are in for a great show!
The Upper Inter Boys were busy working on Hairspray, which they will be performing on the Echo Lake stage next Friday. The actors are set and the finishing touches are currently being worked on. I asked one of the boys what he thought about this year’s play and he told me…“I can’t wait to experience the 70s!” 
The Lower Inter Boys have begun working on Shrek.  Auditions have been completed and rehearsals start this coming week.

The Upper Inter Boys campfire (with Laurie Rinke) was an excellent way to kick off the boys’ last summer on Main Camp. During the first part of the night, the boys took on the girls in a few cheering contests.  While we took the win in “My Bonnie Lives Over the Ocean” we were ousted by the girls in the campfire classic – “Little Red Wagon”. We ended the night with wish lanterns for each group, eating s’mores and reading a book entitled How to Fill Your Bucket.

An Echo Lake tradition is to kick off each summer with the Longevity Awards as the first evening program (recognizing campers and staff who have been coming back to Echo Lake for a number of years). Several Inter Boys received their 3-year shirts, and a few of them even received their 5-year sweatshirts!  I’m proud to say that our returning campers have welcomed our newcomers into the group and have made them feel right at home.
One of the major all-camp events that the Inter Boys really enjoyed this past week was watching USA play Belgium in the World Cup. The event took place Tuesday in the brand new Field House.

Each week at Friday Night Services, a different group presents a value or important lesson to the camp. This past Friday, the LITs presented a video that included a number of Inter Boys on the importance of spirit. As Inters, our boys are looked up to by all the other groups on Boys Camp, so it is always important that they show their spirit to encourage the younger campers. The answers that our boys gave to the LITs’ questions about spirit were insightful, positive and showed us all what a great group the Inter Boys are this year!!

While we like to believe that it never rains at camp, unfortunately we have to plan on having bunk time periodically. This summer we decided to fill bins with Legos and place them in all of the bunks on Boys Camp for an extra activity that can be done during bunk time. The Inter Boys are very excited about this new addition, and have already created some spectacular cars, spaceships and buildings. I am constantly in awe of how great moments at camp can take place, and people can bond, over the simplest things.

To build upon what Patrick talked about with regard to our lineups in his Week 1 Junior Boys Recap,it has recently been discovered the Pines Police Precinct will need to employ the help of Boys Camp to fight crime in the area. A few new characters will visit us in the coming days including Major Infraction (Glenn Begly) and a Fortune Teller/Police Consultant (Laurie Rinke). We are excited to see what the boys think of the new characters and will keep you posted in the coming weeks!

Next week the Inter Boys are looking forward to a few more inter-camp games (including a tennis trip to Baco), fireworks, the Upper Inter play (Hairspray), Group Sing, Challenge Night (flag football, Regatta and ultimate frisbee) and of course, the never-ending anticipation of TRIBALS!!