Camp Echo Lake Junior Girls

Junior Girls Head Counselor – Kelly Godzac



We had an all-main camp “Inside the Echo Lake Studio” evening program where each group got to showcase their talents by re-writing a plot to a famous movie to make it relate to camp.  Each group then performed the plot on stage.  The Junior Girls showed off how talented (and hysterical) they are during the program.  Shout out to the UJGW who won for the Junior Girls division!




The Frosh Girls played Gaga against the entire head staff, and will not let us live down the fact that they beat us! They also took on the great mount Hackensack. What a big first week at camp for them!

Both Lower Junior Girls groups went on a tubing trip this week and had a blast! The Upper Junior Girls East got creative during some extra bunk time we had (due to some unpleasant weather). Instead of letting the weather get them down, they put on quite a fashion show inside their bunk.




The medieval times theme of Girls Camp lineup is a big hit!  On Tuesday, the girls were introduced to three princesses named Lady Ethelberg, Lady Goldstein and Lady Fairydae, who have come to Echo Lake to help run lineups, search for the golden goblet and compete for the throne.  Some of the campers have said that the princesses bear a striking resemblance to Janna, Becca and me.


In order to find the sought-after golden goblet and take the throne of Warrensburg, the princesses must display five important virtues: honesty, compassion, loyalty, humor and kindness.  The ladies of Girls Camp have been so kind as to offer their assistance to the princesses in their pursuit of the throne.  We also had a special visit from, Gingerbread Man, a Girls Camp favorite played by LIT Director, Corey Begly).


I look forward to all of the shenanigans that are in store for the three princesses and the ladies of Girls Camp during morning lineups!




What would a Girls Camp lineup be without the passing of hugs? My favorite time of the morning is when Girls Camp breaks out into our “hugs” song. One-by-one, the girls are picked to stand up and explain why they want to pass a hug to a friend.  The Junior Girls really impress me with their spirit, enthusiasm and kindness during this part of lineup, and they continue to pass hugs throughout the day.


In just a week, it is nearly impossible to distinguish the first-year campers from the returning campers.  This blending of old and new friends is what Girls Camp is all about.




Girls Camp brought a lot of spirit and pride, cheering extra loud during the longevity awards.


The Junior Girls learned that they are all a part of a special community on Girls Camp at Echo Lake. It is a community where we support each other in new endeavors, laugh together, show lots of camp spirit, and simply have fun. I saw a lot of my campers create new friendships and try something new this week, which was a great way to start the summer.




The girls really enjoyed their first Challenge Night this week. The girls participated in Zumba, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. Challenge Night is an evening activity where all of Girls Camp eats dinner together, gets placed on teams, and competes in different activities. It gives them a sense of competition, but as always, our campers were great sports and very supportive of each other. The night ended on a high note with the girls dancing at canteen.




The goal for the Junior Girls for the first week was to help them to start forming connections, make new friends and trying new things.  They are doing great job!




Next week is going to be an awesome week for the Junior Girls! We have lots of trips coming up (TREK hikes, waterskiing, sailing, etc.) We also have hoedown, fireworks, and Group Sing.  Like the rest of the camp, we are anxiously awaiting Tribal break!