Dear Trail Watchers,

Yesterday was one of the most fun days of camp there is! Apache Relay puts campers of all ages to the test as they use the skills they’ve developed over the summer to try and speed through over 100 events for their Mohawk or Iroquois tribe. Creativity, athleticism, and camp knowledge (as well as some other skills) are put to the test on land and lake in the 2.5 hour relay race all around the Camp Echo Lake campus.

Mohawk and Iroquois campers and LITs participated and a ton of events. Some classics such as shoot 3 free throws, skip around the baseball diamond, hit the back net in golf, and get 4 points in tennis are complimented by some creative challenges like make then eat a cream cheese and jam sandwich, name all of the Tribal themes from 1996 to 2019, find a penny in a pie, say the ABCs backwards, and paint an entire box. We love seeing campers compete in challenges that test all sorts of skills.

One of our favorite things about Apache and all of Tribal is how it unites our campers to a common goal. Seeing a Senior high-fiving a group of Frosh after their successful leap-frogging event, watching Boys Camp cheer and yell in support of Girls Camp, and listening in on campers gush to their staff about how well their events went is such an inspiring sight. Tribal unites our campers and drives them towards a common goal and really is one of the most fun parts of Camp Echo Lake.

Apache can be emotional for some of our Senior campers and LITs who reminisce about the summers before and the events they competed in during their time at camp. We love watching them relive happy memories throughout the day. Watching the runner complete the final run of Apache, The Glory Run, carrying the baton of their Tribe is an emotional and relieving feeling for Echo Lakers of all ages. Congratulations to Iroquois for winning the Main Village & Senior Village Apache Relay.

The fun doesn’t end with Apache! We’ve got a ton of great events during the week ahead and can’t wait to share everything with you during these last weeks of camp!

Talk soon,

The Camp Echo Lake Trail