Dear Trail Watchers,

There are so many things to do here at Camp Echo Lake. The four types of activities are creative, waterfront, outdoor, and athletic! We are lucky to have so many amazing coaches, beautiful fields, pitches, and courts, and top notch equipment to keep us active here at CEL.

Archery, basketball, fitness, yoga, softball, lacrosse, gymnastics, and soccer are just some of the awesome sports we have here this summer. Our Activity Specialists ensure that periods are a mix of learning the basics, perfecting our form, and playing games or scrimmages to put our new skills to the test.

Our Activity Specialists always have both passion and experience with the sports they teach. Many play their sport at the varsity level in college, have coaching experience in their 10 months away from camp, or both! They make sure that the games are fun and engaging while still learning how to throw, pass, shoot, score, swing, aim, and more!

Even if a particular sport isn’t our strong suit, we are happy to get to try so many athletics out at the Lake. Maybe we’ll even find a new love for a sport we never thought we’d like!

Talk soon,

The Camp Echo Lake Trail