Hey People,

This is the first summer in 75 years that I have not been at Camp Echo Lake. Imagine that! It was a real wrench for me, you can bet! But you can also imagine what a kick I got out of attending services and other activities virtually and seeing the joy and camp spirit on your faces! Okay, it was virtual but it was better than nothing and it was full of the Echo Lake spirit which is a wonder to see.

I loved getting your emails telling me how much you and your family loved being in camp during Family Camp. I was with you in spirit, believe me! And our staff was great, too, welcoming and full of fun!

Who would expect anything less???

So I look forward to summer 2021. Don’t be surprised to know that we are already planning an incredible experience. We will make up for lost time, I can assure you.

I send you as well as my wishes for a great year! I am counting the days just as you are until we can greet you at the buses in June. That will be a major WOW in my life and yours, I betcha!

Much love,