Staff Testimonials

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If you’re ready to learn something about yourself, then come to camp. The interpersonal skills and life lessons that can be learned at Echo Lake are incomprehensible. Leaving camp, you feel that you can efficiently handle any situation that comes at you. The confidence that is gained is amazing.”

– Female Group Leader, Canada

Camp is an amazing place. Before this summer I didn’t really know that anything like it existed; it is like a Utopia! Everyone really cares about each other, and I believe that although I was only at camp for 8 weeks, I have became a better person from being at ECHO LAKE. I don’t know if there is enough room to explain how much I would recommend camp to everyone. I think that everyone should at least work at camp for a summer. I will never forget the experiences that I had, and how great it was to work at camp.”

– Male 4N4 Staff, New York

I learned that eleven-year-old girls are very insightful and wise in ways I would have never imagined. I learned that whatever you give of yourself to kids you get back ten-fold. It’s a very supportive, caring environment to be in, where you’ll come away from the summer having grown as much as your campers in many ways. I would also tell them to be prepared to work long hard hours, but that all the work is worth it when you see how what you give impacts a child.”

– Female Gymnastics Activity Specialist, Canada

Camp is a place for these kids to meet older role models from different countries and areas, like Canada, Australia, England and places like Texas, California or Wisconsin. They probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. Be prepared to work hard and have the summer of your life! You will get enjoyment and joy out of working with kids. This place will test you mentally, and will be the most rewarding job you’ve ever had!!!”

– Male Group Leader, Canada

I’ve told people that camp is an incredible place, where people from all over the world come together to make a safe, fun, and awesome place for both children and staff to live. I have also said how camp communicates great family values and community values to children. Then I just go on to tell people how much fun I had on big trips, at the lake, on days off, in my cabin, everything.”

– Female Waterfront Activity Specialist, California

I really learned the value of teamwork, and that honesty and CONSISTENCY go a long way- with both kids and adults! When people ask me what my summer was like, I rarely find any words to accurately describe my experience. I usually say that it’s one of those things that can’t be explained; only experienced. Only one word comes to mind when I think of ECHO LAKE: magic. Usually, that’s how I answer that question…. magic!”

– Male Group Leader, Canada

It’s the most amazing place to see real achievement and real growth in children over such a short, intense period of time. The most hard work I’ve ever done in seven and a half weeks, but it barely feels like work at all because it is immensely rewarding.”

– Male Group Leader, United Kingdom

Echo Lake is an awesome place to work for the summer. It’s not just a camp geared for the campers, but also for the staff. It provides an excellent foundation to concentrate on focusing on the leaders of tomorrow by being a role model today.”

– Male Support Staff, North Carolina

The impact camp has had on me is incredible. I have returned home with newfound motivation and confidence. Echo Lake has allowed me to achieve more than I ever knew I was capable of.”

– Female Cabin Specialist, Australia

Just being away from home taught me so much. I learned that I could do anything because I had people believe in me and I learned to believe in myself. I made new friends and appreciated the friends I had from home even more. I learned that children could have more of an impact on you then any adult. I’ve learned skills and confidence and made friends that will stay with me forever.”

– Female Group Leader, Canada

DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! It’ll be the best summer of your life! You will make friends of a lifetime, and have the chance to touch a child’s life in a way you never thought possible! You get to be a kid again…. It’s an amazing feeling!”

– Female Group Leader, New York

Echo Lake is an awesome place to work. On a regular day your opportunities for pure altruism are somewhat limited. But at camp these situations pop up on a daily basis. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and do something that you’ll never have another chance to do in your lifetime.”

– Male Cabin Specialist, Australia

The ability to witness physical, social and emotional development in hundreds of fabulous children, and knowing that you have a direct impact upon these developments is the most personally rewarding endeavor anyone could undertake. The personal growth you will walk away with from a summer at CEL will floor you once you have a chance to breathe, recollect and take it all in when you return home for the fall. The atmosphere at CEL, which sets it apart from some of the other camps I have seen, is so easy to be a part of. “

– Male Group Leader, Canada

Echo Lake allows you to live and work with amazing children, wonderful staff, and do things you never thought possible. It is daunting. You have an incredible amount of responsibility. You question whether or not you can handle it, but you step up to the plate because you have to, you want to, and because there are so many people cheering you on, you really have no choice. It’s not a place to sit down and relax all summer. It has a lot of demands but it stretches you farther than you ever imagined. You face challenges and find pieces of yourself you never knew existed. The rewards are impossible to measure and the fun is out of this world. I can’t imagine spending my summers anywhere else.”

– Female Group Leader, Ohio

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