by Juan Delgado (Junior Boys Head Counselor)

When life gives you 60% chance of rain you make a Christmas Spectacular! Heading into the 6th week of camp I’m so happy to report that the Junior Boys have reached a new level of camp fun at Echo Lake.

Christmas Spectacular

Last night was supposed to be our Annual Carnival, however, due to the weather the Head Staff hosted a Christmas Spectacular complete with skits, games, presents, hot cocoa, and Santa Claus. It was great to see all of the Junior Boys get into the event by dressing up and participating in the games and the activities. I felt like it was a real highlight of the summer and showed what camp is all about: goofy, spontaneous fun.

Bunk Clean Up

I’m happy to report that Junior Camp has gotten cleaner as the summer goes on. This is a real testament to the staff, who have continued to encourage the kids to do their daily chores. Bunk scores have gotten stronger in the last two weeks especially with the Lower Juniors. I would like to give a special shoutout to the Lower Junior Boys West who have gotten 3 perfect scores in the last week alone. Keep up the great work fellas!

Friendships, bonds, and brotherhood

It so nice to see the hard work of staff come to fruition at the start of week six.  Our staff have constantly been reminding the Junior Campers about the value of friendship, and respect. It has been incredible to see on a number of occasions our campers learning to work out the small issues of living together on their own. In the last few days I’ve witnessed our boys really take matters into their own hands and show amazing maturity in dealing with each other and being honest about their feelings.  It’s great to see that our campers want to be better people and want to help contribute to a community that supports one another.

We have a big week coming up with a lot of SPECIAL events including Counselor Cabaret tonight, Waterslide World, Dancing with the Staff and a whole lot more. This week is jam-packed and I can’t wait to get it rolling!!