HI Everybody!

I was ready to tell you about what a mild winter we had upstate and just like that we get a late snow of about six inches!  It just shows you that you can never rely on the weather in the Adirondacks.

Last time I got a chance to write I mentioned always being ready for the unexpected. You can bet that the weather does throw us some curveballs over the summer, but just like everything else at camp, we have a plan.It only takes a few minutes between the Directors and the Head Staff to come up with a plan to make sure camp doesn’t miss a beat. I spend a lot of time looking up at the sky over the summer and checking about four different weather websites. Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a meteorologist!  Thankfully we don’t have to scramble too often due to the rain, but when we do, we have a plan.

It’s hard to believe I’ll be moving up to camp in about a month or so.  It feels like I just left!