This past week, the Junior Girls enjoyed an afternoon at Waterslide World.  The girls really impressed by pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones to try out new slides.  Of course, the day wasn’t all about thrill rides and pushing the boundaries of comfort zones.  In fact, the girls looked quite comfortable as they relaxed in the lazy river, and no off-camp trip would be complete without some sweet treats.  Overall, the girls had tons of fun!



A large majority of the Junior Girls participated in Echo Lake’s first-ever dance competition.  Over a weeklong period, the girls worked with different counselors to choreograph a variety of group dances, duets and solos.  At the end of the competition, there was a first, second and third place winner chosen in each of the different categories (group, duet, solo).

While it was a dance competition, the highlight of the night was not determining the winners, but rather, seeing so many girls perform on stage, some of whom were doing so for the first time.  A lot of hard work and dedication went into perfecting the dance routines, including sacrificing rest hours and free play.  I think that the girls learned that hard work pays off; they all gave a beautiful performance.



The entire camp participated in the final Minute to Win It competition this past week.  Each group had one representative doing their best to complete a series of challenges in a minute or less.  Although the Junior Girls were eliminated in the second round, they were all delighted to see the winner of this all-camp event come from Main Village.  The night was fun for all, with everyone cheering and showing a lot of enthusiasm.



The Junior Girls also participated in a “Color Run” to help raise money for Project Morry, a non-profit organization that gives kids the chance to enjoy the camp experience, regardless of their financial means.  In order to better understand the importance of their participation in the “Color Run,” the girls were shown a video about Project Morry.  In the process of doing something good for others, the girls had a ton of fun getting doused in different colors as they ran around Main Village.



Following the “Color Run,” the girls got to experience an Echo Lake-style “drive-in” movie.  All of Girls Camp gathered together on the lower baseball field to watch Harriet The Spy.  It was a magical night under the stars for all!



We have some great special events coming up this week: Sachem Day (including female and male basketball games under the stars), Echomania (a mock WWE-type wrestling event featuring the girls’ favorite lineup characters), and Tribal Sing (the final Tribal competition).  The girls will be learning different songs written by the LITs to perform in front of the entire camp.  The last week of camp is jam-packed with fun, a great way for the girls to enjoy every moment that is left of the summer!