World Cup Soccer took place this past Monday; it was another successful Boys Camp event.  The Junior and Inter Boys were divided up equally (by skill level) and given a country to represent.  Our staff dressed up in crazy coaching outfits and cheered all of the boys on, both in victory and in defeat. Because of our soccer staff’s ability to spread the talent out evenly amongst all of the teams, we had a great day of competition and some electrifying games.  The semi-final game went to three rounds of penalty kicks.  In the end, the Junior Boys representing Germany won the World Cup.  In addition to the World Cup winner, the soccer staff also awarded several campers for their hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork that was displayed throughout the competition.

Our staff worked very well together as a team and provided encouragement to all of the campers.  This is always our primary focus during events like World Cup.  Of course, it’s also very important to get into the spirit of the day.  Dressing up and acting a little goofy helps to alleviate some of the pressure that the boys may feel during intense competition.

Matt LeMoine and I created “The Mobile Hydration Station” to ensure that the boys drank enough water on a hot day of competition.  Riding around in a decorated a golf cart, we provided high-quality H2O to all campers (as well as a second coat of sunscreen).  It was a fun way to keep the boys hydrated and well-protected from the heat.



Tribal Inter-Arts was held in the Amphitheatre on Sunday evening.  The campers really enjoyed all of the entertaining performances by the LITs who danced, sang and performed short acting skits. Although the campers appreciate the entertainment that both teams provide, they also want their team to earn the most points towards the Tribal total.  This year’s Inter-Arts ended in a 30-30 tie.

The spirit of Tribal is evident whenever we get the whole camp together.  There were lots of cheers sung throughout the event, and the campers represented their team by adorning themselves in as much green or gold as possible.



Some of our more athletic and competition-driven campers played up in the Lower Inter Boys inter-camp here at Echo Lake.  They really held their own on the courts and provided a big spark to the team.  I was extremely proud of their hard work, and also their ability to listen to their coaches.  It was a really hot day, but the boys battled through and fought hard for their team.



The Junior Boys went to the movies in place of Putt-Putt golf because of storms in the area that evening, which worked out great because the day was very hot, and they all needed a little rest and relaxation.  The boys laughed their heads off as we all watched Minions together, and the popcorn and candy made the night ever better!



The Lower Junior Boys East earned the right to go “Glamping” this past week.  It was a huge success and a lot of fun for everyone.  This group has kept their bunk clean all summer, and did an outstanding job during the “Moneyball” event.  Glamping – a combination of glamour and camping – was created by Matt LeMoine and me two summers ago.  The boys enjoyed Fiji Water, Twizzlers, s’mores, a movie and another s’more for breakfast the following morning.  It was a memorable night at the campfire site in Alumni Village for everyone.



Week 6 is PACKED with great events, the two biggest being Water Slide World and Carnival.  Carnival is a personal favorite event of mine, and is a great all-camp event.  We’ve been pretty lucky lately with the weather.  Hopefully, our luck will continue and the rain and thunderstorms will stay away from Lake George this coming Wednesday, so that we can enjoy a day of fun in the sun at Water Slide World.