Although we are officially past the halfway point of the summer, the Inter Girls still have 3 more weeks to discover new friendships, new activities and new interests. At camp, we emphasize the importance of discovery: trying new things, building on existing skills and continuously growing. Discovery ultimately means to “go for it;” whether you are at water skiing, climbing up the rock wall or performing at FNL. Throughout the course of week 4, all the Inter girls had the opportunity to continue to discover new things.


Both the Lower and Upper Inter groups had the chance to discover (or rediscover) their bowling skills this week! The Inter girls donned their Echo Lake shirts and headed to Lanes and Games Bowling in Lake George. There, they were split into different groups where they had the chance to continue to connect and build relationships with one another. There was an intense amount of spirit and support in each bowling group. Campers left and right could be seen trying their hardest, smiling, dancing and just having a ton of fun.


This past Wednesday was Inter girls SPECIAL DAY! The day started with a massive Inter Girls dance party to songs like “Party in the USA.” Each group had their own version of the best day ever. The Lower Inter Girls had a wild and wacky day where they had the opportunity to tie dye, zip line, and slip n slide. The Upper Inter Girls East participated in “Mermaid in Training” day where they had to complete various challenges such as sky village, an obstacle course and some fun in the sun activities. Lastly, the Upper Inter Girls West had a Hollywood and Coachella themed day where they made super cute flower crowns, made fruity smoothies, had a paint fight and a toilet paper fashion show. The beauty of Special Day is that it not only allows our campers to do extraordinary activities but allows them to discover more about themselves and their group.


With only 3 remaining weeks left of camp, I know that the Inter Girls will truly savor every remaining minute. Discovery isn’t something that every truly stops or ends at camp; the Inter girls will continue to discover all the wonderful things that happen at Camp Echo Lake!