Camp Echo Lake Performance

In recent weeks, we have taken a look at Camp Echo Lake’s core activity areas (Athletics, Aquatics and Outdoors).  Last, but certainly not least, we will take an look at the different areas of our Creative and Performing Arts program.

Our Creative and Performing Arts program features a diverse offering of activities designed to give our campers a well-rounded experience.



In our Fine Arts area, the goal is to bring out the creativity in all of our campers.  Because we are more focused on the creative process than the finished product, we use very few kits in this area.  Our staff of six is excited about the opportunity to work with our campers this summer in the following areas: ceramics, photography, woodworking, sewing, drawing and painting.



Our campers will work hands-on with our cooking specialist in a professional kitchen as they learn to follow recipes and create a variety of dishes.  They will learn to create healthy dishes utilizing the fresh produce that we grow in the Camp Echo Lake garden, while enjoying some fun baking projects and special themed recipes to coincide with all-camp events.  The goal of the cooking program is to provide a safe environment for our campers as they learn about various types of food preparation.  Our cooking specialist hopes that the campers will be excited to take what they learn over the summer and share it with their families when they get home.



We do five shows per summer (based on age group).  This year’s exciting lineup of shows features: The Lion King (FROSH), Beauty and the Beast (JUNIORS), The Sound of Music (LOWER INTERS), Fame (UPPER INTERS) and The Wedding Singer (SENIOR VILLAGE BENEFIT SHOW).  Guided by our four theater staff members, these shows give every camper the opportunity to participate in their respective show.  Beyond the performance, participating in the shows benefits campers because of the commitment that they have to make to practice for their performance in front of the entire camp.



Our drama program offers a nice complement to the theater experience and performing in shows.  In addition to doing a lot of improvisation in our drama studio, our campers also the chance to get their creative juices flowing as they write their own scripts, incorporate the use of props and perform during Friday Night Live.



In the second year of our new dance studio, our two instructors will provide a well-rounded experience by exposing our campers to many different forms of dance.  This is one of the activity areas where the campers get to showcase what they have learned by performing during Friday Night Live in front of the entire camp.



We are thrilled to have Providence back for another summer at Camp Echo Lake to oversee our music program and help our campers to expand their musical horizons.  Performing at Friday Night Live is the tip of the iceberg for our musician campers.  In this program, our campers learn song writing, recording and mixing in our music studio.  From drum circles to playing instruments to recording a Camp Echo Lake album and a Project Morry album, there is a lot to look forward to this summer with the music program.