Camp Echo Lake
Since we first started Echo Lake in 1946, we have always tried to stay current with all things camp-related. From the latest in programming and activities to human development and staff training, we continuously strive to be at the forefront of the camping industry. Technological advances, along with the ubiquity of social media, have combined to create a permanently connected society. Because of that, the Echo Lake experience no longer needs to be confined to 51 days in the summer. When we can’t be face-to-face, we can still be a part of each other’s lives throughout the year.

In an effort to connect with all of you on a more regular basis, we are launching a Camp Echo Lake blog that will be updated regularly throughout the “off-season” with weekly features like: Throwback Thursday (nostalgic memories shared by Echo Lake alumni) and Flashback Friday (current campers and staff share stories about their experiences at Echo Lake). In addition to these weekly features, we will be sharing articles (with hesd staff insight) about Echo Lake events, activities, traditions, history and the overall camp experience.

You’ll notice that we’ve already added profiles of each full-time, head staff member to the blog. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing profiles of the seasonal head staff members as well. The intention of these profiles is to give current and future Echo Lake families an opportunity to learn more about the people who are responsible for the development and well-being of each camper.

Over the summer, while camp is in session, the daily blog will complement the numerous photos shared. We will be offering a truly unique perspective of the Echo Lake experience by providing parents with information that they may not otherwise get from campers who are busy living in the moment.

The goal of the Camp Echo Lake blog is to inform, entertain, reminisce and bring us all closer together as a camp community. We are designing the blog to appeal to current and future Echo Lake families, and of course, the alumni, who we value more than words can say. As the blog evolves, we will be inviting campers, staff and parents to submit articles that would be of interest to those in the Echo Lake community.

The 51 days that we spend together in the summer are the building blocks upon which the year-round community that we envision will be built, and will continue to grow over time. We encourage all of our camp families, staff and alumni to subscribe to the blog to make sure that you don’t miss anything important. Subscribers will receive notifications of new articles via e-mail.

We are super-psyched about this new initiative and we hope you will enjoy it – and be a part of it! If you are interested in submitting an article for Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday or otherwise, please send your submissions to

We look forward to hearing from you!