4n4 2015

Greetings from Colorado!  Our group of 39 has made it through 11 hours of travel from Warrensburg, NY to Boulder, CO, and are thrilled to begin our adventure.  Thus far, we have consumed delicious food, explored the Flatirons, and shopped on the famous Pearl Street.  It’s hard to believe that it’s only Day 2.

For the past three summers, I have been a part of the 4n4 team.  I can honestly say that the 28 days out west carry some of my favorite memories.  Not only does the 4n4 staff get the opportunity to visit some amazing places, but we also get to watch a group of teenagers really come together as one.

Over the course of 28 days, campers push past fears of height, fears of water, and accomplish activities that they never thought they could.  We get to watch campers truly challenge themselves and grow both individually and as a group.  This summer will be no different.  We have unanimously agreed to have no regrets and JUST DO IT!

Some people ask if 4n4 ever gets boring since we use the same itinerary every summer.  The simple answer is…no.  Each trip is so different, and comes with its own set of laughs and challenges.  What always remains the same, however, is the 4n4 enthusiasm.  We are spirited, loud and excel at chanting (especially wooing).  It’s hard not to join in the excitement.  This group is especially energetic, so west coast, look out, we are coming for ya!

NOTE: 4n4 Trip One Update to follow shortly.