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by Casey Linder and Cal Meyers

It is hard to imagine that we are already having to reflect on the summer before us. Though we are just finishing up our last week at camp, it was certainly not without constant fun and surprises. Our Upper Village, 4n4, and LIT campers had the opportunity to participate in Tribal Sachem games. Each female camper played either basketball, soccer, or hockey. Each male camper played either basketball, soccer, or softball. The campers see participating in this event as an honor that they have been looking forward to since their first summers at CEL. Whether your campers enjoy sports or not, they all have such a blast working together as Iroquois and Mohawk to compete and support one another.

Two nights ago, we had our first ever all camp- camp fire. Each group was able to write one wish they had for the rising group. So, the LITS got a chance to make a wish for the 4n4, who wished for the Upper Villagers, etc. We then lit candles and floated them out onto the lake. Having the chance to come together as a camp and think about what made our summer so special and how many goals we set out to accomplish was such a positive note to end the summer on.

We are looking forward to the last couple days of camp, we have so many fun traditions left. Yesterday we had the culminating Tribal event, Tribal Sing. Today, we had our final day of electives, and camp party! While we may have to pack on Saturday, we get to finish the evening with Reprise and Banquet!!! While we may be sad to get on the buses Sunday, we can’t wait to thank all of you for affording us the sensational opportunity to learn and grow here at Camp Echo Lake.