Hi to everyone from the North Country!!!!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday season….as for us, every Christmas is more than just Santa and presents, it’s a mini camp reunion!  We were joined not only by our family, JP, Allison, Ally, and Corey -past and present Echo Lakers all, but Zach Zelikovic, Tony, Emily, Evan and the lovely Violet too!  While Christmas dinner is in the works, we exchange gifts, and Evan and Violet help decorate our tree with their special ornaments.  Just like camp, it’s the people that make a special place all the more special!

We bet you think that by this time we’re practically buried in snow.  Although that’s usually the case, truth is that this year we have less than we’d like here in Warrensburg.

So what to do? Easy!  Its just a matter of a short drive to find yourself in a winter wonderland.  Recently, we went to Owl’s Head Mountain on Lake Eaton, a short distance from the town of Long Lake.  As we journeyed north the snow got deeper bit by bit—there was a good foot or so at the trailhead.  The trail was a bit narrow and packed for snowshoes, so we left those in the car, attached crampons to our boots, and off we went.  It was a beautiful day and in no time we noticed that the snow had gotten deeper and deeper.  The last half mile to the top involved some scrambling up icy patches -without the crampons it would have been impossible!  But as we stepped onto the summit we were astounded at the depth of snow (two or maybe three feet at least!), and the 360 degree view from the fire tower at the top! This place is on the must-see list for a Trek trip this summer!

Speaking of summer, the mild (so far) winter has allowed for a jump start on many new additions to camp, such as….well, you’ll have to wait until June for your first peek, although campers who join us for the Winter Weekend are sure to get a preview that will amaze them!

Stay warm, stay happy, stay healthy!  Summer is coming!!!!!!

Terry & Glenn